Riders XOXO is an adventurous and bold equestrian fashion boutique that prides itself on offering the perfect look, on or off the horse, for any day and every day. Many of the Riders XOXO products can be individually designed so they are unique to you. The Riders XOXO team have searched and continue to search the globe for new and exciting brands unique to their boutique, being sold to riders, by riders. These brands include Marta Morgen, Judi Manche, BR, Celeris,  PK International, C4, KEP, East and many others.

You can visit the Riders XOXO store either online or on 59 Boundary Road, Thornlands. But be warned - you'll need half a day to explore this amazing shop - and its addictive! Riders XOXO have already made a name for themselves as innovators and leaders in Equestrian Fashion, and I'm so very thrilled to be part of their team. Watch out for their unique designs all year in competition, and on the horses here at Nicole Tough Dressage.

Photos below: Featuring Marta Morgan, KEP Helmets, Celeris Boots, C4 Belts & Dobert Bridles.

'The Saddlefitter' Kathryn Sullivan-Butt is an Equestrian coach with over 20 years experience'. Ten years ago, Kathryn became frustrated with saddle fit limitations and so begun an educated journey, starting with ASFA (Australia Saddle Fit Aassociation) accreditation, then onto Europe, the USA and UK, culminating in the QF Qualification with the Society of Master Saddlers (one of only 9 in Australia).

Kathryn has fitted full time for the past 5 years and believes passionately in working with horse, rider and their professional support team including coaches, vets, physio therapists etc.

Quality brands on offer from The Saddlefitter include Equipe, Custom, Albion, Hennig, Stubben, Keiffer, Sankey and Black Country.

Nicole loves the Equipe and Custom Saddle ranges, choosing the Equipe Oracle for Ferragamo, the Equipe Bocelli for Leopold, and the Equipe Viktoria for Florenz and Faberge.

The best way to contact Kathryn is via email at info@thesaddlefitter.com.au or phone 0413 371 802 to book your saddle fitting appointment.

Photos by: Christy Baker Photography.

Nicole is very proud to be an ambassador for Christy Baker Photography. Christy is a professional photographer based in South East QLD. She has loads of experience, both in front of, and behind the camera, and her eye for detail is breathtaking.

A small business owner, and passionate about horses, Christy is available to take your equine session bookings. I thank Christy for her support and look forward to many adventures being captured in time.

Photos below by: Christy Baker Photography.

Every 4-6 weeks, each of the horses here at NTDT are attended to by our expert farrier, Sam Buchanan. With great bio-mechanical understanding, Sam attends to the balance and condition of our horses hooves, and this means they can train and perform well. A good farrier can literally change the working life of a horse.

Our thanks to Sam, for his professional service and for his love of horses.

Todd Cunningham from Equestrian Land Developments is a perfectionist  - and he has dedicated the past decade to mastering the engineering of the perfect dressage arena.

I am so happy to say that I have an ELD arena, with the new dust suppressant and fibre surface, and it is as good as the best European surfaces I've ever had the luck of working on. Every square inch is the same as the square inch before it, and the horses are just oozing confidence.

They have never felt better, and are rarely muscle sore. The arena never needs watering, and the farrier is just loving the gel, reporting that the hooves feel well oiled!

For a truly professional arena, you just can't go past ELD.

Pictured below: Todd Cunningham from ELD constructing Nicole's new arena.

Wendy Bannerot, from Equine Edge Rehabilitation, has 40 years experience working in the equestrian industry, and is regularly recommended, and referred to, by many leading vets in South East Queensland, such as Doctors Paula Williams, Chris Wain, Nathan Anthony(West Vet), Scott McGuinness, Steve Rayner and Trent Raeburn (Morton Bay Vet).

Wendy’s qualifications include;
- AA Animal Science at Equine University of Delaware USA
- BS Animal Science at University of Delaware USA
- Diploma Acupuncture Australian College of Eastern Medicine
- Diploma Equine Bowen Therapy Smart Bowen
- Certificate of Attainment Equine Shiatsu at College of Oriental Medicine
- Certificate Small Animal Bowen Therapy Smart Bowen
- Instructor Equine Smart Bowen

Wendy’s services include; treatment for a range of non-veterinary management of post-operative conditions, open wounds, tendon & ligament Injuries (including rehabilitation & strengthening of muscles); as well as recovery and increased range of movement in injured joints.  She uses the most appropriate therapy for the condition including:
- Shockwave Therapy
- Acupuncture
- Bowen therapy
- Trigger Point
- Theraplate
- Equivibe
- Equine Walker
- 80 meter straight swim

Wendy can take horses into her clinic in Mooloolah Valley for all types of injuries, ranging from intensive to softer rehabilitation work; or she has a traveling service to many different places. You can message Wendy to find out if she travels to your area on 0411 968 553.