‘Teamwork makes the dream work’

It takes a dedicated group of people, staff and professionals to keep the horses happy and healthy; and I’m lucky to have the below amazing team.

Owners - Karin and Tim Gordon and Emma and Paul Weel
Karin and Tim own Leopold, whom Nicole trains and campaigns.
Emma and Paul own Florenz and Deveron Nintendo, and won the Dressage QLD 2019 Owners of the Year award.

Weekly Coach - Traci Baldwin
For the last 12 years, I have my weekly lessons with Traci. Traci overseas my training, ensuring I don’t slip into bad habits or look for short cuts. Her attention to detail is right up my alley.

Clinic Coach - Matthew Dowsley
For the last 4 years, Matthew visits once a month. Matthew constantly challenges me and takes me out of my comfort zone.

Grooms - James Kelly, Frya Anker and Tia McLelland
James Kelly, Frya Anker and Tia McLelland are a vital part of the team. They keep the barn working on time and smoothly, whilst keeping the horses happy and healthy.

Sponsors - The Saddlefitter, Riders xoxo, Christy Baker Photography, ELD , Buchanan Farrier Services and Equine Edge Rehabilitation
See ‘Sponsors’ page for full details of Nicole's fabulous sponsors.

Farrier - Sam Buchanan
Every 4-6 weeks, each of the horses here at NTDT are attended to by our expert farrier, Sam Buchanan. With great bio-mechanical understanding, Sam attends to the balance and condition of our horses hooves, and this means they can train and perform well. A good farrier can literally change the working life of a horse. Our thanks to Sam, for his professional service and for his love of horses.

Vets - Gold Coast Equine and WestVets
Both practises are brilliant, professional and love our horses.

Bodywork - Wendy Bannerot From Equine Edge Rehabilitation
The horses here at NTD are checked and treated by Wendy Bannerot, a qualified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist, once a month, and they love it. Wendy’s services include; treatment for a range of non-veterinary management of post-operative conditions, open wounds, tendon & ligament Injuries (including rehabilitation & strengthening of muscles); as well as recovery and increased range of movement in injured joints.

Dentist - Peter Roberts
Having horses teeth attended to annually, leads to better performance and response to training. Additionally, a horse that cannot masticate it’s food properly, will not be able to get proper nutrition from their food. Peter is a Master dentist, and extremely thorough.

The Saddlefitter - Kathryn Sullivan-Butt

Bodywork - Wendy Bannerot

Competition Groom - Chloe Cousins

Groom -James Kelly

Clinic Coach - Matthew Dowsley

Weekly Coach - Traci Baldwin

Leopold's Owner - Karin Gordon

Faberge & Florenz's Owners - Emma & Paul Weel

Farrier - Sam Buchanan

Dentist - Peter Roberts